sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

TrUcK dRiVeR

truckers, toured all states carrying loads north to south and from east to west, whatever they say we are the kings of the roads. 
Being a truck driver is not for everyone, you must leave your family for many days but that does not make the wrong move on the entire trip, every night a good round of beer with other truckers always good to start the day in the best way and know each kilometer're closer to go home!

 When we arrive to destination we have some time to clear our mind and relax, but then again when we see beautiful women it's like an obligation for us to say a compliment..possibly making them smile but some others... OK better not to tell about it!

ADADRIATIC line, is conducting a sale weekend, where you can find this complete set only 59L (what you see in the picture is all inclusive, from sunglasses to shoes), the poses are the new release of Focus Poses, the pack has 9 poses of good quality, you can play with different mesh models hands me the price of the pack is 100L and 15L individually!. thank you very much Liaranne Lavalette for posing in the picture! : D

Outfit : ADRIATIC line Sport Outfit Light Blue *Sale 59L* (Regular Price: 250L)
Poses : :: Focus Poses Male 23 :: *New*

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