jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

CoSmOpOlItAn SaLe RoOm FoR mEn

Hello friends! I'm bringing a new round of CSR! some of the things that we find for men! : D as always very good and at a good price!

This set can be purchased separately on the shop ZEITGEIST! priced at 50L each item! : D

Pant : TOM! Jeans by ZEITGEIST -grunge 
T-Shirt : GALLIFREY! Longsleeve -grey - by ZEITGEIST 

these 3 excellent T-Shirt, of excellent quality, are the new items :: :: Gojo also brings two sneakerts Black and gray colors! 

the price? T-shirt only 60L each! 
Sneakerts to the 55L each!

T-Shirt : ::gojo:: Mens T-Shirts   College

T-Shirt : ::gojo:: Mens T-Shirts   Injun

T-Shirt : ::gojo:: Mens T-Shirts  60s

this great jacket from [:: Jesy Dream ::], comes in 2 colors, in black and blue! at a very good price only 70L each!

Jacket : [:: JesyDream ::] Jean's Jacket  BLACK / shirt Men

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